The Fire Type/Trickster Dreams

One last set I forgot about. Two ATCs from 2013 that represent — along with one poem that I may or may not have lost completely* — my creative output for the year. The first one, from May, shows the rust. It really has been a while since I’ve worked my art muscles.


Could not even tell you what all was used.


This one either.

*I did lose it. The good news is my bestie didn’t. Now that I have it back I’ll share it. This was written some time between the two ATCs. All three are for my Trickster God.

I’d say he was lying in wait but
lying about is more like it.
He knew I’d come back.
Not to his street, no,
but one close enough;
all he had to do was stroll to the end of
his block and wave hello.

He took down his street sign first.
He knew the score.

He never lied, like some said he would.
Every time I asked he told the truth.
I just didn’t want to hear it so
I convinced myself I was only
convincing myself.

He just kept lying about, knowing
I’d come around.


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